The SD2R team consist of several core Rabble Rouser members, all from the communities we serve. Under the direct leadership of TeQuila “Godmother” Shabazz, this group was able to collectively build what some said was  “impossible” within only 10-weeks. Without the passionate assistance of the following people this project wouldn’t be what it has become.

Lily Be – Project Manager Assistant-West/Site Manager – Austin

Lydia “Lily Be” Lucio was born and raised in Chicago’s West Humboldt Park neighborhood.  At 19, she moved to Tuscon Arizona to attend Pima Community College. Unable to be approved for student loans, she rented a warehouse in Tuscon, Az and began hosting a series of open mics and art shows aimed at showcasing young local talent in Tucson. The open mics were a success, allowing her the  freedom she needed to raise her newborn son while still being able to attend and pay for school.  She moved back to Chicago in the fall of 2000 with an Associate of Science in Business Management and began working for companies in various administrative and marketing roles. In the fall of 2003 she experienced one of the worst moments of her life, being sexually assaulted and attacked in the neighborhood she grew up in. It was this assault that gave her the drive be such a dedicated member of the SD2R Project and Rabble Rouser Movement. She is a survivor to say the least, surviving drugs and gangs of  Humboldt Park, the attack in ‘03, and breastcancer in 2011. Continuously beating the odds of life and refusing to become a Humboldt Park statistic-she stands and works.  Her hobbies include reading, attending galleries,and storytelling. When she is not volunteering with an organization or artist collective, manages a 120 person virtual call-center.

Therese Ferguson – Project Manger Assistant- South

Therese”Rheal” Ferguson Former spoken word artist, writer and promoter.  Recent graduate of Roosevelt University’s Masters of Public Administration program. Non profit professional experienced in cultural and educational program management and implementation. Current South Shore resident and blogger interested in using hiphop as a vehicle for education and empowerment.


Michael Johnson – Site Manger – Englewood

Michael Johnson was born and raised in Englewood. it is  where his heart lies. Although a complicated relationship in time he hopes to be a small part in building the community to be a life affirming place. He attended Columbia College Chicago as an Interdisciplinary Major of Memory as History. He sees teaching artistry as a form of memory work having peers as well as youth actively engage in culture to embed their lived and imagined experiences. He hopes to continue exploring this life to see what he can make of it.

avery r. young – Quota Felt Organizer/Site Manager – North Lawndale

avery r. young has been a staple in the spoken word community since 1996. His style of writing, singing and performance is labeled “Sunday Mornin’ Jook-Joint.” His blend of spoken word, song, jazz, gospel and chant distinguishes him from any other performance artist on the scene today.avery has traveled throughout the country and internationally performing with the likes of; Gwendolyn Brooks, Roy Ayers, Mos Def, Les Nubians, Sharon Bridgforth, Staceyann Chin, Jill Scott, Ugochi, Billy Branch, amongst others. His work as a teaching artist and mentor for schools and community organizations has made him not only an artist but also advocate for such social dilemmas like HIV, domestic violence and education reform.

Jada G. Hoskins – Site Manager – South Shore

Jada G.Hoskins is a native of the South Shore neighborhood of Chicago. She attended Western Illinois University where she received her B.A in Sociology and African American Studies and a A.M degree from the School ofSocial Service Administration from the University of Chicago. It is her goal to continue to stand for young people as she views itas an additional opportunity to stand for her community in general.

Stephanie Garland – Site Manager – Humboldt Park





Joey Moran – Outreach





Todd “EQ” McCurry-Marketing

Todd McCurry, a native Chicagoan from East Garfield, is a Graphic Designer, Musician and technology expert. Todd spent most of his professional career in information technology and later transitioned to a Digital Imaging professional while living in New York. He brings his creative skills to this organization, ensuring there vision and message is conveyed visually. As a team member, Todd McCurry will lead a workshop on web development using online tools. Todd says, “I believe my workshop will not only teach kids how to build a website, but emphasize the power in asking the right questions and mining the answer using the internet.”

Tokyo Jones – Project Assistant 

Tokyo Jones (Takya Stuckey). Writer/Activist/Feminist/ YCA Alumni. Was born and raised on Chicago’s Westside. Tokyo picked up writing at an early age as an outlet, that would later become so much more. The arts saved her life! For her, like a lot of us RabbleRousers art was a more productive and positive way for her to get through the ruff points of her life. Her near future consist of giving our children a chance at life, to experience and explore thier options in more ways than just violence. Tokyo is currently furthering her education in hopes of pursuing a career advocating for the children and the people

Keinika Carlton – Event Planner/Creative Contributor 

Keinika is a wife of 9 years and a mother of 2 little ladies. By day, she works a 9 to 5. Every other hour of the day she is an event, wedding, and travel planner. She recently became involved with community activism when she spearheaded the Million Hoodie March for Trayvon Martin on the evening of March 23rd in downtown Chicago. Since then she has utilized her event coordinating talents to assists various initiatives such as the SD2R project. She doesn’t associate herself with one group or organization, she solely believes everyone, young and old, should have a chance at life and that our children need not live their lives in fear.

Johario Palacio – Event Planner

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